L.A. Systems
L.A. Systems®, Inc. has been in business since 1982 helping both federal and commercial customers solve their information technology puzzles. We offer enterprise modernization, system conversion and configuration, software development, systems design, training, maintenance, hardware and software installation, and contract and program support and management. Along with unparalleled experience in enterprise systems we have extensive expertise in Unix, Linux, Windows, networks, and storage environments.

L.A. Systems is a stable, financially secure small business with cost accounting and timekeeping systems in place that are designed to meet government requirements. We help larger firms meet their small business sub-contracting goals. Our low staff turnover ensures customers of consistent support on a project from start to finish.

We have grown along with the IT industry, updating our skill sets to meet the needs of todays customers. Our goal is to help clients keep pace with the fast changing IT environment, maximize existing assets, and, in an age of budget restraints, do more with less. Our long tenure at accounts is evidence that we have maintained a high level of customer satisfaction. Throughout our history the company has remained true to its roots “ providing quality people and solutions to our customers.